Iteration Zero: React Native & ClojureScript


These documents were written to help our team of Clojurescript developers get up to speed developing a React Native app.

It's based on a series of design decisions with associated tradeoffs so you won't find a survey of possible approaches.

You must be this tall to play along:

  • You're familiar with Clojurescript
  • You're familiar with re-frame


Goals of these documents are a zero-feature release.

That is to say app has all necessary building blocks to start adding custom features and the processes for developing, testing and releasing are established:

  • User can install app
  • User can authenticate
  • App can retrieve data against API


We already have a backend developed which provides a REST API and does authentication via Azure Active Directory.

We already have a library of frontend utils and helpers associate with a single page web application built with re-frame.


Choosing tools

  • Choosing React Native
  • Choosing Clojurescript
  • Choosing re-frame
  • Choosing re-natal

Getting started

What do you get out of the box?


Development and debugging setup

Things to watch out for

Basic functionality

Data entry fields

Working with files

Authentication via Azure AD

Styling and animations


Packaging and deployment

Code push


  • ...

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